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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Posted by Parveen Hassan
| 00:41
Since the National Federation of Women's Institute's has publicly stated the Coalition is ignoring women, the Conservative party is attempting to reconnect with women.

Their concern amid fears of losing the professional female voters. According to the New Statesman, proportion of women aged 18-24 who support the Conservative party has declined to 18% in 2011. Acknowledging there is a correlation we are aware it's gaining importance at CCHQ.

Elizabeth Truss Conservative MP wrote an article in the Guardian on how women can contribute to economic growth but have a set of discreet challenges in the British job market, see details here.

Childcare,working families tax credits, maternity and paternity benefits all featured. The Resolution Foundation publication on "The Price of Motherhood: women and part-time work" summary captures the mood of many working mothers.

Elizabeth Truss noted comparisons on how Britain was behind its European counterparts because of historical working patterns of women, childcare provisions and parental leave, stating these areas require priority in Parliament.

Flexible working is important for working families & high-skilled part-time employment are scarce.