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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Posted by Parveen Hassan
| 12:00
Positive news, the Conservative Women's Forum is looking to integrate into the work of Fawcett Society, by none other than becoming members of the board of Trustees. Sharp thinking from MP Claire Perry, chairman of the Conservative Women's Forum. 

See full article in the Telegraph;


Theresa May at Women2Win Reception
Margot James MP, Home Secretary Theresa May and Baroness Anne Jenkin are some of the new members taking a stance to support the movement. Despite differing viewpoints, the Fawcett Society's successive deep roots serving the needs of women inclusion has made tremendous strives to improving the lives of women. Campaigns broadly on change to women on political, economic and social policy areas, making progressive change for women in history. Claire Perry MP is looking to take proactive steps to go further. 

Tory MP Claire Perry, chairman of the Conservative Women's Forum, said: “We believe in more female participation. We have suggested to them that they look for some Conservative representation." 

This type of agreement bringing on views of Conservative women can increase the value and understanding of contentious issues; women and welfare, employment, family and childcare as well as women in leadership and business concerns-the female quota's, and the work of Government to increase political participation.

Baroness Jenkin Women2Win at Conference 2012
At the Conservative Conference held in Birmingham, I saw many women first hand working towards engaging more new found women into politics, Women2Win packed with female delegates canvassing for information on improving their chances to become Conservative parliamentary candidates. 

Women were turned away due to health and safety reasons because of the oversubscribed fringe. There is appetite for women to aspire and become involved. Experiences from incoming PCC's, current MP's and the machinery of the voluntary party were available to explain career paths supporting the work and developments of the Fawcett Society further demonstrates Conservative women are reviewing their mainstream approaches better late than never.