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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Posted by Parveen Hassan
| 08:33
Caroline Spelman MP
Conservative Caroline Spelman MP has confirmed forests will not be sold off. The Environment Minister was informed by Independent Panel on Forestry report that the Public Forest Estate (PFE) should remain in public ownership. Full article in the Guardian below with the report from DEFRA. A promise to be kept.



Friday, 6 July 2012

Posted by Parveen Hassan
| 15:21
Conservative MP Louise Mensch was outspoken in her views on class A drugs. Audiences were clapping with support in her regret and admission of taking them on BBC Question Time last night.

There is nothing more transparent when a politician comes clean on air and Louise Mensch MP not the first time did so gracefully.

It takes courage to recollect personal negative lifetime experiences. The issue will be debated further as highlighted in the Telegraph by the Home Affairs Committee on Drugs in Britain.


Sunday, 1 July 2012

Posted by Parveen Hassan
| 11:31

Police and Crime Commissioner Elections in England

As you may be aware, for the first time, the electorate in England is going to the polls in November to vote for 41 Police and Crime Commissioners. 

The process for selecting who will be representing us is well underway. Women2Win wish to draw attention to women who have made it into the final three Conservative Candidates for the job in their counties.

Members of the Conservative Party are able to vote in respective areas. Each region will have organised a number of hustings dates where members can meet and vote for Conservative candidates.

The prospective Conservative female candidates are:

Devon and Cornwall: Alison Hernandez. Hustings will be held at 7pm on the 5th July at Westpoint Centre, Exeter, 7pm on the 6th July at Kingsley Village, Penhale, Cornwall and 10am on the 7th July at the Future Inn, Plymouth.

Gloucestershire: Victoria Atkins. There is a postal ballot as well as hustings at 6.30pm on the 29th June at Northleach, Gloucestershire and at 10.30am on the 30th June at Kings Stanley, Gloucestershire.

Hampshire: Donna Jones. Hustings will be held at 5pm on the 2nd July at Newport Parish Rooms, 7pm on the 3rd July at The Itchen Suite, Southampton FC and 7pm on the 5th July at Lords Wandsworth College, Hook. 

Hertfordshire: Rachel Frosh. Hustings will take place at 7pm in Chestnut on the 3rd July, 7pm in Hemel Hempstead on the 4th July, 7pm in Letchworth on the 9th July and 7pm in Hertford on the 12th July. To attend you should register here: www.hertspoliceprimaries.org.uk

Surrey: Julie Iles. Hustings will take place at Oxted School, Oxted on the 7th July and Lakeside Suite, Frimley Green on the 11th July. 

Conservative Women's Hub is pleased to announce CWO chairman Katy Bourne is putting herself forward as the PCC for Sussex, Conservative Women's Hub wishes her every success. 

CWO Katy Bourne with Parveen Hassan, West Midlands CWO  

Sussex: Katy Bourne. Hustings will take place at 2.30pm at the Triangle Leisure Centre, Burgess Hill, West Sussex on the 14th July. 

West Yorkshire: Geraldine Granger. Hustings will take place in Bradford this Friday, if you should like to know more details then email@women2win.com and W2Win will inform you on procedures. 

Cambridge: Shona Johnstone

Cumbria: Hilary Carrick

For details of Cumbria and Cambridgeshire's hustings please do contact Women2Win via email; email@women2win.com and you will be informed on future dates.