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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Posted by Parveen Hassan
| 09:39
Bill Oddie was a fellow Speaker at the Conservative Women’s Organisation event in Surrey on November 8th

Members were very grateful to the Chairwoman of Esher and Walton Conservative Association for her kind invitation to speak before the committee and guests at the lunch event on our wildlife protection campaigns.

Blue Hare Founder spoke before the guests for 10 minutes which included the Mayor of Elmbridge and the Conservative Leader of Elmbridge Council. The talk included calls for action for  hare protection in the form of a close season. Hare populations have declined by an estimated 80% in the last 100 years and they are the only game species without a close season. Tens of thousands of leverets- baby hares -starve to death when their mothers are shot for sport and this basic protection would help their declining populations to recover.

The Chair of the Badger Trust and the policy advisor of Care For The Wild International – Dominic Dyer also were Speakers. They work closely with Care For The Wild, Humane Society International UK and the Hare Preservation Trust for a close season for hares. 

Photo shows the president of Esher & Walton Conservative Association with the Chairwoman of the E & W Conservative Womens Organisation and the treasurer, November 8th 2013
Blue Hare campaign

Blue Hare Founder’s talk on hares at the event:

In 2011 she initiated the current drive in the House of Commons for a close season for hares. She was amazed to discover that hare populations have plummeted by an estimated 80% in the last 100 years from around 4 million to only about 750,000 hares today. .

"Changes in agricultural practices have contributed to their population decline but also despite hares being a priority’ species, around 390,000 hares are shot for sport each year, leaving around 37,000 leverets- baby hares to starve to death when their mothers are killed. It is extraordinary that hares are the only game species not to have a close season in England and Wales. Close seasons for hares exist in most of mainland Europe, Northern Ireland and Scotland introduced the important legislation last year. I organised the very first ‘Hare protection’ reception in the House of commons last year which we held jointly with Humane Society international UK. It was well attended by MPs and Bill was there too! Care For the Wild International and the Hare preservation trust now work with us too to introduce legislation for a close season for hares. Over 145 cross party MPs signed the EDM calling for a close season for hares."