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Monday, 24 November 2014

Posted by Parveen Hassan
| 11:17
From this Winter, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics will support the Blue Fox Group by donating the 100% proceeds of its Charity Pot hand and body lotion. https://www.lush.co.uk/article/charity-pot-meet-worthy-causes

Lorraine Platt, the Co Founder of Blue Fox said:

"Blue Fox would like to thank Lush Handmade Cosmetics for their kind support for our campaign through their Charity Pot program. This great support helps us push forward our campaign to protect wildlife from a return of hunting with dogs.  We are  excited that our campaign is included on the Lush Charity Pots and website.  The Charity Pot program works to fund a diversity of grassroots organisations. We are delighted to receive Lush’s valuable support for our campaign to protect wildlife. We are all volunteers with few resources and the Charity Pot will help to provide much needed funds to operate our campaign. Each Charity Pot features our campaign mission and web site details. It will hugely help spread our message against the threat of a return of hunting with dogs banned sports."

The Lush website says of Blue Fox: ‘The Blue Fox Group actively campaigns within Parliament. It organises anti-hunting events in the House of Commons to unite MPs against a repeal of the iconic Hunting Act 2004 which bans fox, stag, mink, hare hunting with dogs and the sport of hare coursing. It has six MP Patrons.’

As a cosmetics company, LUSH strives to ensure that their products follow the highest ethical standards of environmental sustainability and Fair Trade, and they are currently spearheading a global campaign to end animal testing in the cosmetics industry. Lush has 830 stores in 51 countries.