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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Posted by Parveen Hassan
| 12:32
It is very rare that I can give anyone such unqualified support as I give Andrea Leadsom to be leader of the Conservative Party, and Prime Minister of our country.

I have worked with her as part of the Conservative Fresh Start project for Europe for several years. In that time she has struck me as a woman of extraordinary integrity, wisdom, experience and ability.

I have never seen from Andrea, or those around her, the pathetic mimicry of ‘The House of Cards’, that some politicians seem to think is clever. She has stood out as a shining antithesis to all the muck of the kind of politics I loathe.
I have been constantly impressed as I have learned more about Andrea’s experience and success in the city – here is a woman who has most certainly had ‘a proper job’ outside politics, and knows how the City works. But I have also been surprised at Andrea’s range of interests and passions- her work on family policy has been central to her political beliefs.

Perhaps most importantly for the times in which we live, I can think of no one who has played such a hands-on, active role in working with European partners to improve the European Union, for both Britain and all member states. Nor can I think of anyone who has a better grasp of the EU technicalities, as well as economic requirements of a nation, as Andrea.

Andrea has personally built extremely valuable relationships with politicians across Europe, and such long-forged relationships are now sheer gold-dust for Britain and Europe’s future.

Early in 2005, I remember coming across a little-known politician giving a speech on education. He was standing for Conservative leader. No one expected him to get very far, not least because he wasn’t already a household name. But I thought there was something rather different about him. He broke the mould, and we were patently seeing only the tip of the iceberg of what he was capable of. That man went on to become one of our most successful Prime Ministers ever.

I have watched Andrea since I was elected in 2010. And I know this – not only does she excel in ability, wisdom and experience to do the job – but you haven’t even begun to see the tip of the iceberg of just how talented this woman is, and what she can give our country.

It’s easy to forget that our greatest household names start off as the outsider. Join me in backing our next great household name, Andrea Leadsom, and be there at the beginning.